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Rob and Diane Seely are the Founders of Reagan’s Reach. They are the parents of five children and reside in Central Ohio.


Our Story

In 2003 we were blessed with our beautiful son; Reagan. At 4 weeks old, he was diagnosed with Prader-Willi Syndrome. There was no doubt that we wanted to be a part of further investigating PWS; the cause and any new treatments that would become available for our son.

And yet we felt there had to be more that we could do. We decided early on that there had to be a purpose for this, the question that came to our minds repeatedly during those early days was Why? Why our son? Today we no longer ask why but rather, why NOT us. It was not long before we knew what we needed to do.

About Us

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In 2011, we formed our non-profit. Reagan's Reach was created to help those with PWS reach their fullest potential. We firmly believe that our mission of addressing the long term needs for those PWS will drastically change as new treatments are developed. However, no matter what the level of residential living support needs to be, our belief is that the typical group home setting will not meet the criteria for the unique needs of those with PWS, it is that belief in which Reagan’s Reach was founded on. It is through this desire and passion for an optimistic future not only for our son, but for other parents of those with PWS who are fighting everyday to provide for the needs of their child.